Developers on “CLOUD-nINe-ARY”

The problem People who eat with their mouth open, rude shop assistants, cold-callers, the guy who’s talking loudly on his mobile phone in a movie, burning your toast, someone reading over your shoulder, spam email, slow traffic lights. If you feel that any or all of these really irk you, think about the video loading […]

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Anything and Everything About Cloud – Session 1

A short conversation   Before the Session: Sid(SS CEO): We need to bring the cloud into the picture. But why?     Why the session: Albert(Cloud expert): The best thing about cloud is that it gives you as much power as you want. Inner Me(Super Excited): Okay, well I need powers. Who doesn’t? Who does […]

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Let’s work differently- says Agile

Our last talk we had was about effective knowledge transfer sessions, read it here To all my co agile enthusiasts, who have recently joined our series, you can find our previous talks here Another blog about Agile, yes it is! What is agile? You won’t be surprised as it is not the first time you have […]

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Tech-à-tête with Billionaire Entrepreneurs

Tech Innovators to Industry Leaders “Women cannot be pilots.” “Americans are too loud.” “Men should not cry.” “Irishmen are always drunk.” “Indian cuisine is all about butter chicken.” “Cats are mean and evil.” We have woven around ourselves a network of stereotypes and judgements, which we often justify under the garb of ‘normal and acceptable.’ […]

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How to carry out effective knowledge transfer sessions

Hi all, The last talk we had was about collaboration in agile, in case you missed out you can read it here. To all my co-agile enthusiasts, who have recently joined our series, you can find our previous talks here.  Today we will discuss our one of the “not so favourite tasks” to do as […]

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