How to become a blockchain developer?

It is a human tendency to want to be where others are. We set trends. We follow them. We revere them. There exists a sense of hope under a veneer of reality that makes us what to pursue an opportunity. Will it be the big break I need in life or will it devolve into […]

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Partner Up

Tech firms are increasingly relying on outsourcing, especially for software development to increase their productivity, reduce development time and tackle overall competition. And if all this can be achieved within the budget, it is the icing on the cake! However, it is not as simple as it looks. There are a million other things that […]

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Dealing with a 9000 mi wide conference room

It is rightly said that in teamwork, silence isn’t golden; it’s deadly. This is evidenced by the fact that if you walk into an office, you’ll be able to spot innumerable ways in which teams communicate with one another – weekly 10 AM meetings, barging into someone’s cubicle to clear a doubt, discussions over lunch, […]

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Progressive Web Apps – The way to go!

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are experiences that bridge and combine the best of traditional apps and the best of websites. With an app-like interface owing to different technologies, concepts and web APIs that work in tandem, PWAs prove beneficial to users from the first time they browse the web by running in real time. Here […]

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Let’s go back to the old age – ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’ We could argue that maybe self-sufficiency is a more important thing to learn and one must try to hone his or her skills until overall proficiency is achieved. But it is no surprise that this […]

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